Immigration in the Cook Islands

Random FAQ
What are the Immigration policy changes?

These are changes that are effective from 25 January 2024 for the next 12 months. The changes include: 

  • Enabling additional employment and waiving an application fee.
  • Implementing a one-year visa and permit for retirees
  • No fee for a visitor extension for 62 days or less
  • One-year International and Government worker visa and permit at $320
  • Continuation of the $60 per year fee to renew a Resident Spouse visa and permit where you previously held a Cook Islands Resident permit
  • Regulatory amendments to remove mandatory restrictions and limitations and 90-day permit on arrival for Australian passport holders.

The Immigration policy changes document is on our website under Legislation.

For more information on visa and permits, email [email protected] or for general enquiries, email [email protected] 

Immigration is important to the:

  • success of the Cook Islands, as immigration supports investment and business development, and appropriate access to skilled and needed workers.
  • safety of the Cook Islands, as immigration legislation prevents the travel, entry and stay of persons without continuing rights whose characters are not conducive to the safety of the Cook Islands, or who are not of an acceptable standard of health.
  • security of the Cook Islands, by ensuring that there are provisions to remove or deport persons without continuing rights who do not abide by Cook Islands law, or who are considered a threat or risk to security.

The principles for the Immigration Act are:

  • balance – between security and economic development
  • fairness – burden placed on legitimate travel to be minimised
  • security – checks and processes for a high level of security and penalties sufficient to deter violations
  • implementation – ensure legislation can be implemented
  • technology – allow for maximum use of technology
  • clarity and openness – readily understood by both public officials and the Public
  • consistency – with relevant international instruments and best practice

The immigration legislation and regulations manage the travel, entry, stay and departure of all persons to support the success, safety and security of the Cook Islands.