Who we are

The Ministry acts in the world to build a safer, more prosperous future for Cook Islanders through excellence in Foreign Affairs and Immigration Services. 


How we do this

We pursue the Government’s international priorities and provide advice to the Government on the implications for Cook Islands of what is happening in the world.

Our work contributes to the well-being of Cook Islanders in the following ways:

  • Tupu'anga Ruperupe / Prosperity: Pursuing international opportunities to promote economic and social prosperity for the Cook Islands through sustainable development
  • Te Paruru Tiratiratu / Security: Protecting and promoting the security of the Cook Islands
  • Tu Rangatira / Leadership: Proactively contributing to domestic and international policy formulation, decision making and implementation to advance and protect the Cook Islands interests
  • Karape Kama'atu / Innovation: Promoting innovative approaches to national priorities, opportunities, and challenges through domestic and international action


Te Tango i to matou Kaveinga / The Ministry's values

Te Tango i to matou Kaveinga o Te Kauono Tutara e te Mana Tiaki - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration is firmly rooted in shared values that include loyalty, integrity, collaboration, community, and resourcefulness.  

The following organisational values also support and further seek to standardise the way that we work and interact with people within and outside of the Ministry:

  • Duty – loyalty in service and, therefore responsibility to our country and people in the provision of an excellent foreign and immigration service
  • Integrity – honesty in the execution of our work, and respect and value for every individual and their contribution
  • Professionalism – pride in our work and objectivity in providing advice; innovative and responsive to change; and working as a team within MFAI and with external parties to achieve common goals. 


Diversity, Inclusion and a Positive Workplace Culture

MFAI is firmly committed to having a workforce that reflects the Cook Islands' diversity and leverages the creativity of diverse, talented groups and individuals to advance Cook Islands' priorities and enhance the quality of our advice and services. That's why we're working hard to build an inclusive and diverse workforce where every employee is treated with dignity and respect and feels empowered to serve the Cook Island's people.