Frequently Asked Questions for Permanent Residence

What happens now that the EOI process is closed?

MFAI has 5 working days to evaluate EOI submissions and advise persons of the outcome, i.e. invite to apply for PR or advice on ineligibility to be invited.

If I didn’t submit an EOI, can I still apply for PR?

No as the EOI submission determines eligibility to be invited to apply for PR. You will have to wait for the next PR round.

Where can I find the PR forms?

Only eligible persons invited to apply for PR will be provided with a paper application or access to the online form. If you received an invite from the Ministry with no form or link attached, please contact us.

What are the categories for PR?

There are 4 categories of PR

  1. PR in your own right
  2. PR as a spouse of a Cook Islander or Permanent Resident
  3. Eligible child
  4. PR by descent

Please refer to our criteria section

What the criteria is for PR in own right?

Click here to view criteria on website

What is the criteria for PR as a spouse of a Cook Islander or PR?

Click here to view criteria on website

What is the criteria for PR as an eligible child?

Click here to view criteria on website

If I attached evidence to my Expression of Interest, do I need to provide that evidence again with my application?

Yes, you need to provide the evidence again as part of your application.

Why can’t the Immigration team take the evidence from my EOI and include with my application?

The EOI submission determined eligibility to apply for PR. Being invited to apply for PR is a separate process.
If you do not provide the evidence as part of your application, it will be rendered incomplete and at the risk of lapsing.

Can I request the evidence back that was submitted with my EOI?

Immigration will return any original documents submitted as part of your EOI.

How do I know if my PR has been successfully received by MFAI?

If you lodge a PR online, you will receive an automated email response once you click on the SUBMIT button.
If you lodge a PR in person, you will receive a receipt for payment.

Can I apply for 2 categories of PR?

You will receive an invite for PR under the category you expressed interest.

What if my spouse and I are no longer in a relationship?

If there has been a change to your relationship status since expressing interest for PR, this is considered as a material change in circumstance which needs to be declared to the PIO under regulation 41 of the Cook Islands Immigration Regulations 2022.

You can only apply for PR on spouse ground if you are currently in a genuine and stable relationship with a Cook Islander or permanent resident.

Do I need to hold a valid permit to apply for PR?

Yes, please review the criteria here on our website.

What is the fee?

$500 for PR (In Own Right and on Spouse ground).
$470 for an Application as an eligible child.
No fee to lodge an application as a PR by descent.

How do I pay for my PR application fee?

Bank: BSP
Account Name: CIG - MFAI
Bank Account Details: 159651401
Reference: PRApp < Surname.Initial >

OR, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration (MFAI) Office (Level 2, Govt Building) to pay the fee in person.

Is the fee refundable if my application is declined?


Can someone help me complete my application?

Yes. They will need to sign the declaration included in the PR form.
Immigration Officers cannot help you with your application. They can clarify questions.

Do I have to provide the evidential documents in the PR?

Yes this is stipulated in the PR application.

What happens once I submit my PR application?

There is a 25 working day period to submit a complete PR application.

If the application is incomplete, Immigration will advise the applicant and they have 10 working days to provide the information.
If the applicant fails to provide the outstanding information within 10 working days, the application will lapse.

Immigration will submit complete applications to the Minister for review. A 20 working day period is allocated to enable the Minister to make a decision.

How do I sign the online PR form?

Dependent on your device you can use your mouse, digital or stylus pen.

Do I need to pay for travel movements?

No, you only need to provide dates on your application and we will organize travel movements on your behalf.

I can’t find the website ? I keep getting redirected to an old website.

Try deleting your browser history.
Could also be a connectivity issue, please reboot your computer.

Who can witness a statutory declaration?

Justice of the Peace (JP), a solicitor or Notary Public, or a registrar or Deputy Registrar of the District or High Court, or authorised staff in some government agencies.

If I completed my EOI on paper, can I still complete my PR online?

Yes. You will need to create an account online. Once you have done so, please contact us and provide them with your email address you used to create your account and we will manually grant permission.

If I submitted my EOI online, do I use the same account to apply for PR?

Yes, you must use the same log in details to submit your application for PR

I went on the website and could not see the section to apply for PR

Those who submitted an EOI and were invited to apply for PR will be provided with a link allowing them access to complete their application online.

Download the FAQ here