Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration on the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, 31 October 2023 - The Cook Islands Government stands firmly with the 120 United Nations member states that have voted in favour of the resolution, calling for an immediate humanitarian truce between Israel and the Palestinian armed group, Hamas.

The Cook Islands expresses deep concern and compassion for those affected by the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza. The armed escalation in response to the terror attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas has led to immense suffering; while we recognise Israel’s right to defend itself, we also urgently call for a peaceful resolution, with the utmost priority being the well-being and security of all those impacted by this crisis.

The use of violence and the loss of civilian lives on both sides can never be condoned, and we call for an immediate, durable, and sustained humanitarian truce that leads to a cessation of hostilities from all parties involved. The suffering caused by this conflict is immeasurable, and our unwavering belief is in the necessity of peace through dialogue.

We emphasise the critical importance of all parties involved in this conflict to fully comply with international humanitarian law. The Cook Islands remains dedicated to supporting diplomatic initiatives that can provide humanitarian aid to be delivered to those most affected. We urge all nations and international organisations, operating within their mandates, to work tirelessly toward this goal, ensuring that the voices of reason and diplomacy prevail over violence.

We join the international community in our collective desire for a swift resolution and engagement that respects the dignity and well-being of all individuals affected by this crisis.